Friday, December 10, 2010

Growth Mark Pic

I'm officially over my whole "long" hair fave. I am focusing more on the health of my hair now. I just got a trim so I decided to add some monthly shots of what I've been doing to my hair along with instructions on my reggie.

I will use this post as a reference mark just to see if I am retaining length.

The first photos show my natural texture just after washing. The pics with my hair straight were taking after it had been straight for a few days (it had been snowing a lot in Ohio so it did get a little wet at times) so my roots are not straightened all the way out.

I plan to start posting much more often, I'm sure I said that before, and I plan to start a colab youtube channel with a friend, so please stay tuned for that.

Thanks Bunches


  1. im want to take my hair natural - i defo agree with health over length.. i look forward to the youtube vids

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  2. You have really great hair! That reminds me; I need to get a trim too! xxoxoxoo